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Raffle Winner
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Chocolate Festival Committee Meeting

Working hard at today's committee meeting were: Dale, Bob Jansen, Jan, George, Michael Arietti, Eva, John and Rick.
Board Meeting

Because our President had been wandering around France, the club's January board was delayed until today.  Attendees included: read more
Is it the truth?

The wheel was spun today effecting a $3 fine for lateness, spurring confessions from Lynn, Richard, Tom P, Bob N, Pamela, Michael DeR, Paul, Carol S, and George.  Going with the flow of $$$, Past President, Michael A, left his badge at home, and President Bob started the meeting late.

George confessed

and paid $1 for being late.
Last of January's

Confessions were good for the soul: Obie, John, Bob N, and Michael DeR were rumored to have been observing the spinning of the Rotary fine wheel and paying  their $2s for being late.
Board Minutes
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 2016_06_14_6-14-16 revised minutes
Modified: December 24 2016 06:03:17.
 2016_07_12_7-12-16 meeting minutes (2)
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 2016_08_09_8-9-16 meeting minutes
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 2016_09_13_9-13-16 board minutes revised
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 2016_10_11_10-11-16 board minutes
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 2016_11_08_11-8-16 BOARD MEETING minutes-final
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